Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ruby McFall (July 22, 1895 - Jan. 18, 1970)

Ruby McFall married L.C. Junior Featherston and they are buried in the Featherston cemetery.

Ruby apparently kept the McFall name. She was married on the 14th of August 1919 in McAlester Pittsburg Ok.

Not sure who her father was.

Charles Franklin McFall (May 1, 1872 - Oct. 1929) - Maggie Kelso McFall (Oct. 6, 1870 - Nov. 13,1922)

Charles Franklin McFall & Maggie Kelso McFall are buried in Featherston Cemetery, Ok. Some information I've read implies that Charles Franklin was the father of J.A. McFall.

Floy McFall (Aug 1, 1911 - Jan 4, 1917)

1911 - 1917 Floy McFall (buried in Featherston Cemetery, Ok)
Floy was the daughter of J.A. & J.A. McFall.
Floy was 5 1/2 years old when she was killed by a devastating tornado that whipped through the small settlement of Vireton Ok. She was at the Choctaw Indian Baptist Mission School when it was leveled. 16 people died at the school house.
"1917 - Fourth worst school tornado disaster in U.S. history as F3 twister hits Choctaw Indian Baptist Mission school at Vireton, OK, 13 miles NE of McAlester. The small, poorly constructed building was destroyed. 16 people were killed and 10 injured. Some victims' bodies were blown 100 yards down a hillside." (See references: here & here)
[Hoping to post additional information here about her sister who was in the building at the time and survived]